What Are My BMW Financing Options in San Diego?

May 10th, 2020 by

At BMW of El Cajon, we don’t believe that financing that perfect luxury car should be difficult or stressful. Our dealership is ready to work with you and when you ask “What are my BMW financing options?”, we have the answers that you need.

How Financing Works

No matter where you take out an auto loan, there are generally some rules that need to be followed and terms that you need to know. Your loan covers most of the cost of your vehicle, but you still have to place a down payment in order to drive off in your new luxury car. Drivers usually put down around twenty percent of a car’s total cost and finance the rest with a loan. You have a certain amount of time to pay off this loan, a period known as the loan term, and you get an interest rate, or APR, applied to it as well.

While you can’t do too much about your APR, which is chiefly determined by your credit history, you can choose to make a larger or smaller down payment. You can also pick a different loan term. Longer repayment periods mean lower monthly payments, but more interest paid out, while a shorter loan term means the opposite. You can also decide to trade in your current vehicle and get some money to put towards a new luxury car.

Why Choose Our BMW Financing Department

Whether you’re shopping for a stylish small car like the 2020 BMW 3 Series or a capable crossover like the 2020 BMW X5, our BMW financing department should be your first stop when you’re looking for a loan. We don’t just make it easy to apply for financing online, getting you a step ahead before you even set foot into our dealership. We also offer a tool that values your trade-in, making it easy to budget, and we can help you if you have questions about extended coverage and protection plans.

So if you’re ready to drive away in a new BMW vehicle, visit our luxury car dealership serving San Diego. We’ll make sure that you leave with the vehicle and car loan that’s right for you!

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