Is It Better to Buy a Low Mileage Pre-Owned BMW Vehicle?

July 17th, 2021 by

pre-owned BMW vehicle

You’ve done the research, found our BMW dealership, and you’ve decided that a pre-owned BMW vehicle is the right choice for you. But there’s still a lot to decide on, and you probably have some questions. When it comes to pre-owned models, we get a lot of questions about mileage in particular – like is it better to buy a low-mileage pre-owned BMW car or SUV?

Mileage in Pre-Owned Models

A lot of drivers assume that lower mileage is better when they’re looking at pre-owned BMW models, but that’s actually not always the case! There are both pros and cons to lower mileage choices.

Pros of Lower Mileage

  • Less wear and tear on the vehicle. And the more miles, the more likely it is that parts will wearing out or need repair.
  • Better resale value. If you’re planning on selling your pre-owned BMW car in a few years, you’re likely to get a better price if you start with fewer miles.
  • Longer life. If you’re not planning on re-selling, you’ll probably get more miles yourself if you start lower.

Cons of Lower Mileage

  • Higher cost. Especially if the vehicle is a recent model year, low mileage pre-owned options often sell for more than their higher mileage counterparts.
  • Trouble from disuse. While miles can wear down a car, lack of use can also cause problems, especially to the rubber and plastic parts.
  • Faster depreciation. A low mileage, recent model year pre-owned vehicle might not depreciate as quickly as a new car, but it can still lose value quickly.

Pre-Owned BMW Vehicles in El Cajon

Only you can decide what the right pre-owned mileage is for you, but you can find answers at BMW of El Cajon, along with a wide selection of pre-owned models like a BMW 3 Series or a BMW X4. El Cajon drivers can call or visit to find their perfect pre-owned BMW model!

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