Certified vs. Non-Certified Pre-Owned Cars at BMW of El Cajon

used vs cpo

Wish you could experience all the perks of a new vehicle without the massive price-tag? Consider stopping by BMW of El Cajon to explore our wide variety of reliable pre-owned vehicles that have been revamped to look and feel as good as new. Our BMW dealers understand you don’t just want an affordable, stylish car that makes you look good, but that can also support you for years to come. Whether you choose a certified or non-certified pre-owned vehicle, you’re sure to drive off our San Diego area lot in the stunner you’ve been dreaming of.

Standard Pre-Owned Vehicles

Don’t let the seal of approval fool you. Non-certified pre-owned vehicles are just as reliable as their certified siblings, and are often much more affordable. Standard pre-owned vehicles depreciate much slower than new cars, making their resale value much higher if you ever decide to sell. Not to mention, dealerships often slash the prices on their standard pre-owned vehicles, so you can score an awesome car for a real bargain. For example, in one of standard pre-owned 2019 BMW 3 Series models, you can experience good-as-new luxuries such as power steering, electronic stability control, and hands-free Bluetooth and USB audio connection for half the MSRP of a newer model.

Benefits of Non-Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

  • Cheaper price-tag
  • More resale value
  • Lower insurance rates

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

Benefits of Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

  • Manufacturer stamp of approval
  • Extra features
  • Low in mileage

If you prefer pre-owned vehicles that have been through numerous inspections and safety tests, then a certified pre-owned vehicle might be an option to consider. BMW Certified vehicles like the 2019 BMW X3 from our BMW dealer come with all of the original perks, like remote keyless entry and rear exterior parking camera, for a much cheaper price than newer models. Vehicles that have been BMW Certified are eligible for a limited warranty, which offers comprehensive coverage for one year, as well as 24/7 travel protection with BMW Roadside Assistance. We've taken care to refurbish all of our certified pre-owned vehicles to give you the confidence you need to make your next purchase.

Why spend vast amounts of money on a new car when you can enjoy all the latest features for half the cost? BMW of El Cajon’s selection of pre-owned and certified pre-owned vehicles will give you an optimized driving experience without breaking your budget. Stop by our dealership near San Diego today to see for yourself!