Are Pre-owned Cars Worth It?

are pre-owned cars worth it

While you may want a new BMW car, it doesn’t mean that buying or leasing one is the smartest thing you can do. In many instances, it’s advisable for a given driver to purchase one of the pre-owned cars in our extensive inventory. If the thought of buying a previously owned automobile makes you shiver with fright, it’s probably because you’re not familiar with the benefits that typically accompany the purchase of a pre-owned vehicle. 

Benefits of buying used

Years ago, many drivers were reluctant at best to buy a previously owned car. That was largely because they were afraid they’d inherit someone else’s problems. Today, you can enjoy some well-deserved peace of mind by getting a vehicle history report from a service like CARFAX™. Many dealerships will give you a complimentary report if you request one.

Being your local San Diego, CA BMW dealers, we can tell you that peace of mind isn’t the only benefit you’ll enjoy when you get a pre-owned automobile. You’ll typically benefit from a lower purchase price and reduced registration fees. Previously owned cars are usually less expensive to insure too.

You’ll retain more equity in a pre-owned vehicle, which is a big deal if you plan to sell your car at some point. It’s because another motorist will have absorbed the quick deprecation that happens in the first year or two a car is owned that you’ll retain more equity.

To learn more about the benefits you’ll enjoy by purchasing a previously owned model, visit our BMW dealership near Escondido, CA now!

Used BMW cars on our lot

When you stop by our convenient location, you’ll see two kinds of previously owned automobiles in our inventory, “regular” pre-owned cars and BMW certified vehicles. While both kinds of pre-owned cars provide the benefits discussed earlier, BMW certified cars take things up a notch.

The biggest reason you may want to buy a certified pre-owned BMW vehicle is that these cars are covered by a warranty. When you get a certified BMW automobile, you’ll enjoy an additional year of coverage beyond the car’s original four-year factory warranty. And the great thing is, that added year of coverage has no mileage limit, which is fantastic if you drive a lot.

To learn more about the benefits of buying a pre-owned car, give us a call or contact us online. If you want to shop for a previously owned or BMW certified car, visit BMW of El Cajon today.